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justice_turtle ([personal profile] justice_turtle) wrote in [community profile] readallthenewberys2012-09-29 08:49 pm

Mock Newberys of the Past

All right, over half these Newberys are a slog, and I'd like this blog to be a bit more interesting for me to do. So! Introducing:


Which is to say: I am adding things to the list! I started with the other Little House and Dark is Rising books, because I am informed that "Dark is Rising" will make more sense if I read them all, and if I'm going to re-read the Little House books I am jolly well going to have Mr Edwards in there. ^_^ (I first read those books when I was actually four, so I am well fond of them from a nostalgic viewpoint.)

But then I thought: why not add lots of good books to whatever year they're eligible for? So - please, recommend me some books! This post will focus especially on books from 1925 (where I have reached) to 1940, but if you have something more recent, feel free to throw it in. I'll be doing another rec-me-stuff-please post at the beginning of every decade.

Criteria: book must have been published first in the US (or in US/UK concurrently) - or if you can't find that out they must have a US-based author or lead character - and must appeal to some age level included in "fourteen or under". And you must think it's awesome. That's it. :D

Lay on, Macduff! ;-)

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