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justice_turtle ([personal profile] justice_turtle) wrote in [community profile] readallthenewberys2013-10-05 04:26 pm

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Okay, here's a question for my readers (loyal and, uh, anyone who happens to drop by *dry grin*):

Would you keep reading if I switched from a strict G rating on language to a loose R (i.e. dropping f-bombs and so forth whenever I go on a rant like yesterday's about Vaino)?

See, I feel like I can't be as scathing as I want in a G rating; I suspect this would be a much more entertaining blog, of the sort I'd like to read, if I didn't have to censor myself every time a Newbery book descended into the truly bad. But I don't want to make a major change like that without asking y'all whether you'd mind.

So. I'd put up a poll, but I don't have a paid Dreamwidth account. Please answer in comments (you can say as little as "yes" or "no", but I'd really appreciate hearing from all you lurkers who never comment, if you have any opinion):

"Would you keep reading if I switch from G-rated to R-rated language in my posts here?"

(Anon commenting is on. Anon comments will be screened, but if you're not an obvious spammer/troll I'll happily unscreen.)

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