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justice_turtle ([personal profile] justice_turtle) wrote in [community profile] readallthenewberys2013-10-08 10:39 pm
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Hiatus post

Okay, posting will be irregular or possibly nonexistent till Christmas, because I'm doing Yuletide.

(Well, technically, I'm not. Yuletide proper - one story, 1000 words minimum, write it any time after October 14 - wouldn't take that much time. What I'm doing, because I overcommit to things, is writing AS MANY STORIES AS POSSIBLE between now and Christmas... and of course, reviewing the books and movies and TV shows I'll be writing about. So I won't have much time to read Newberys or liveblog.)

So, yeah. I most likely won't be posting much or at all (except the Vaino review, probably) till after Christmas. We'll see what happens at that point, because I'm hoping to go back to college, but depending how my commute works out for college... yeah. :-)

Have a good autumn/spring, everybody! ^_^

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